Audited Gate Control

You know exactly who and why has access. Security personnel manages elegantly and swiftly visitors, vendors / contractors or residents. All of this without interfering with your residents’ routines and without making visiting a bother.

The way we treat security and integrate seamlessly all its component sets us apart from any of our competitors. With Vulcan you get more than momentary gate access control: you get full accountability for any aspect that has a bearing on the security of your HOA.

  • Security personnel knows who has access and under what conditions
  • Security personnel can find out rapidly information and grant access for first time or unannounced visitors
  • Security personnel knows when a visitor is scheduled to leave or a parked car should be moved
  • Security personnel logs and cross-reference data at the highest standards. Should the need arise our data will stand up to any scrutiny and will be admissible in court.
  • Management has an accurate picture of traffic, parking needs and can inform

VULCAN ACCESS MANAGEMENT SOLUTION - Bringing HOA access solutions into the 21st Century